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The greatness of the dark continent awaits those who dare at WABI.

" Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread. "

Edward Abbey

In the wild beauty of the Waterberg Plateau lies the ultimate place for individual travellers, who seek peace and inspiration - WABI.

Giraffe auf WabiLeopardExperience adventurous Africa at WABI Game Lodge. This privately owned Game Reserve, free of Malaria, is nestled at the edge of a dry Riverbed, in which century-old by law protected Camelthorn trees grow.

The park surrounding the Lodge is a verdant delight - one of the most beautiful gardens in the middle of nowhere.

Above carefully attended lawns the acacias are filled with the sounds of Hornbills, Touracos, Babblers and Glossing Starling, while blue Plumbago, Fuchsia, Hibiscus, Laurel Roses and other colorful flowers grow abundantly. In fact, a variety of over 230 bird species can be observed.

Nocturnal wildlife such as Porcupine, Springhare, Genet Cat and Bush Babies live within this garden and during the day you can observe Nyala antelopes sneaking through the bush thickets along the river bed still within the Wabi garden. A Bougainvillea-laden arbour leads to the well-equipped air-conditioned Bungalows. It is difficult, indeed, to tear yourself away from the pool, which overlooks one of the waterholes, but then, why should you? After all, you are on holiday.

Be sure to bring sufficient film material along!!


What to experience at WABI?

The mountain area, namely the breath-taking and unique Waterberg Plateau invites you to adventurous excursions by car or on foot.

The roads along the edge of the escarpment offer superb views of high, rocky peaks of red sandstone eroded into fantastic shapes and laced with the clinging vines of climbing figs. Of course, a smooth glass of red wine or a fruity sip of a superb white wine, to make the most of a spectacular sight of the Plateau at dusk or dawn, will not go amiss.

On the gamedrives you will see Water Buffalo, Roan Antelope, Sable, Waterbuck, Nyala, Red Letschwe, Giraffe, Zebra and even Hippo, among many others. There is also a rare chance to see Leopard, Cheetah and Brown Hyena.

All exciting activities are offered at WABI - to get you "up close and personal" with Africa's wildlife. The cuisine serves superb game dishes and, of course, vegetarians are also taken very good care of.

It is worth your while to stay at least 2 days with us at - WABI.


Wabi History

A view into the history of Wabi. 30 years of African adventure and life at the foot of the majestic Waterberg.

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News / Blog

News from our Lodge and activities. The wonders of the Waterberg Plateau Park are waiting for you.



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Giraffes at Wabi Game Lodge Lodge Hippo in Lake Wabi Impressions from the Waterberg Cheetah at Wabi Game Lodge

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